Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NSW Response to COVID-19

As the Federal and NSW Governments announce changes to public health orders the NSW Group will meet to discuss the impact of the changes on the activities of units within NSW & ACT. When government relaxes restrictions, it does not mean that units can simply follow these relaxed restrictions as these government restrictions are usually general in nature and do not consider our exact set of circumstances. Squadrons and Members in NSW Group must follow restrictions and conditions published below.

We must all be mindful of our actions to limit the effect on our health and the health of those around us. Information about COVID-19 and important health advice can be found here.

Standing Order 06/2020 relating to moving to Stage 2 is available here.

Current Return Stage

NSW Group will be following a 3-stage approach to returning to face to face activities. These stages act as a guide for restrictions that remain in place. Units must ensure that they follow restrictions as published below. As of 1st July 2020 we will move to Stage 2.

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    Stage 1 - Finished

    Stage 1 allows some face to face meetings whilst maintaining social distancing (not squadron parades) in strictly controlled circumstances. For example, Officer Staff meetings, NCO meetings, Group/Wing Councils, Group Headquarters’ operations, Quartermaster stores and Squadron Branch meetings (including Squadron AGMs).

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    Stage 2 - Active 1st July

    Stage 2 allows face-to-face Squadron parades (with approval from Group Executive Commissioner) whilst maintaining social distancing, in strictly controlled circumstances.

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    Stage 3

    Stage 3 allows face-to-face squadron parades without restriction. All Squadrons are required to return to face to face activities.

Current Restrictions / Conditions

Most Squadrons have returned to face to face activities, however, current state government restrictions are still in place and NSW Group would prefer to protect its members as a priority. With the safety of our members and government restrictions in mind, a number of restrictions and conditions are currently in place, the restrictions are as follows:

  • Social Distancing (R4)

    All persons attending an AAL Activity must where possible maintain a physical distance from others of at least 1.5 metres. Poster Available.

  • Indoor capacity limit (R5)

    If meeting indoors; capacity must not exceed one person per 2 square metres.

  • Display Signage - Indoor Capacity Limit (R6)

    Any building which AAL members are to attend must have signage displayed outlining the maximum number of people allowed inside the space the sign is referencing. This signage must enforce restriction number 5 (R5). Poster Available.

  • Do not attend if your sick (R7)

    Any person who is sick or has been sick within a 2-week period of an AAL Activity, regardless of symptoms must not attend that AAL Activity.

  • Send home sick people (R8)

    During an AAL Activity any person who becomes unwell should be sent home and immediately distanced from others

  • Do not attend during isolation (R9)

    Any person who has come in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has been confirmed to have COVID-19 should self-isolate for a time period defined by a medical professional and therefore must not attend an AAL activity during their isolation time period.

  • Display Signage - Do not enter if showing symptoms (R10)

    Any building which AAL members are to attend must have signage displayed directing people to not enter if they display any symptoms associated with COVID-19.  Poster Available.

  • AAL Members only inside (R11)

    Only AAL members are permitted to enter buildings intended to be used predominantly by youth members. Unless otherwise approved by the Squadron O.C.  Poster Available.

  • AAL Members only at Air League (R12)

    Attendance to facilities used for the purpose of AAL parade grounds are to be restricted to AAL members only, unless with approval of the Squadron O.C. Eg: A member’s family or friends is to be restricted to remaining in vehicles during drop off and pickup if safe to do so. Poster Available.

  • Hand sanitiser available to members (R13)

    Hand sanitiser (of at least 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl alcohol) must be present at all active entrances to buildings used by AAL members. Signage with instructions to use hand sanitiser must also be displayed at all active entrances. Poster Available.

  • Sanitise shared equipment (R14)

    Surfaces (tables, chairs, door handles, etc) and shared equipment (drums, flags, etc) used by members must be sanitised after every use or when transferring use to another member.

  • Hand Washing Facilities (R15)

    Soap and handwashing facilities must be available at any facility used by AAL members. A Hand Dryer or Paper Towel must be available. Poster Available.

  • Member contact information up to date (R17)

    Units must ensure that contact information is up to date and correct for all members.

  • Food Preparation Hygiene Practices (R20)

    Any food that requires preparation is permitted to be prepared following correct food preparation and food safety practices. Hand Hygiene practices must also be followed. Hand sanitiser should be provided to members when collecting food and used before and after eating.

  • Attendance register to be kept (R22)

    An attendance register must be kept for each AAL Activity by a responsible person. A digital backup of the attendance register should be made as soon as possible and must be kept for 28 days. Attendance registers must be made available to Group upon request. Template Available.

  • Approval required for Camps or Long Activities (R23)

    Overnight Activities or any activity in excess of 6 hours must have approval from the Group Field Commissioner prior to commencing. The usual event organisation and approval process are now back in effect.

  • Suspension of Face to Face Activities (R28)

    Squadron O.Cs will need to monitor the local community for COVID warnings and cases and should determine if Squadron Operations should continue on a regular basis. Squadrons O.Cs must inform the Group Executive Commissioner when making a decision about the halting of face to face activities.

  • Recommendations & Relaxation of Drill Rules (R87)

    NSW Group Council requests that members not shake hands and take measures to maintain social distancing measures when performing drill, ceremonial and other manoeuvres. All rules related to drill manoeuvres are to be ignored that may contradict social distancing practices. Social distancing practices are to be followed at all times.

  • Alterations of Restrictions (R29)

    It is the responsibility of Squadron O.Cs to monitor the NSW Government Restrictions ( especially for their local community and ensure events and activities organised by the Squadron adhere to these restrictions.


Approved Units

The following Units have been approved to return to face to face activities. Please check with your Unit O.C about your Units return date.

Air Activities Center Camden
Commences 27th June 2020

Albion Park Squadron
Commences 28th July 2020

Belmont Boys Squadron
Commences 22nd July 2020

City of Blacktown Boys Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

City of Blacktown Gils Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Canberra Squadron
Commences 24th October 2020

Camden Squadron
Commences 25th August 2020

Canterbury Squadron
Commences 22nd July 2020

Coffs Harbour Boys Squadron
Commences 8th July 2020

Doyalson Girls Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Epping Boys Squadron
Commences 7th August 2020

Edmondson Park Squadron
Commences 14th August 2020

Gosford Boys Squadron
In Recess

Hornsby RSL Squadron
Commences 5th March 2021

Leeton/Narrandera Squadron
Commences 15th August 2020

Manly Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Marrickville Squadron
Commences 11th September 2020

Maitland Boys Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Moorebank Boys Squadron
Commences 7th August 2020

Mount Pritchard Squadron
Commences 14th August 2020

Mudgee Squadron
In Recess

Parramatta Boys Squadron
Commences 28th August 2020

Padstow Squadron
Commences 4th August 2020

Penrith Squadron
Commences 23rd July 2020

Richmond Boys Squadron
Commences 23rd July 2020

Riverwood Boys Squadron
Commences 3rd July 2020

Rockdale Boys Squadron
Commences 11th September 2020

Ryde Boys Squadron
Commences 11th February 2021

Southern Highlands Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Southerland Shire Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Taree Squadron
Commences 24th July 2020

Toronto Squadron
In Recess

Tamworth Squadron
Commences 20th July 2020

Toukley Squadron
Commences 2nd July 2020

Last updated on 11th March 2021.