Cadet of the Year Competition

Cadet of the Year Competition

The Cadet of the Year Award is awarded to the Cadet who best represents the values and principles of the Australian Air League and is an outstanding example for others.

2021 Nominee List
The following members have been nominated by their Squadrons to participate in the upcoming NSW Group Cadet of the year competition.

Albion Park


CDT – Sebastian Wood

SNR – Jaxon Rennex

City of Blacktown Boys


CDT – Byron Hope

SNR – Agam Gujral

Doyalson Girls

JNR – Ruby Davis

CDT – Alannah Bryant

SNR – Lara Wilbow


JNR – Kimberly Griggs

CDT – Zoe Baker-Moss

SNR – William Nolan


JNR – Jason Wang

CDT – Zayyan Mahmood

SNR – Peter Tran

Sutherland Shire

JNR – Ben Spratt

CDT – Ezekiel Lathlean



JNR – Isabella Lee

CDT – Lachlan Haack

SNR – Hayden Abernethy

City of Blacktown Girls 



SNR – Chloe Cook

Edmondson Park

JNR – Alexender Finnegan

CDT – Srivats Srikumar

SNR – Angelene Alicabo


JNR – Emilio Munoz

CDT – Nabeel Hussein

SNR – Suchet Pun


JNR – Andy Zhang

CDT – Melvin Cheng



JNR – Marcus Connor

CDT – Maximus Pollard

SNR – Douglas Renshaw


JNR – Francis Hsu

CDT – Thomas Giles

SNR – Ethan Kwan

Canberra, City of

JNR – Ben Anderson


SNR – Will Davies



CDT – William Beard




CDT – Gabriel (Kael) Austin


 Southern Highlands


CDT – Leo Schwarze

SNR – Blake Tickner

Nominee Application
Submit this form to nominate applicants for the upcoming Cadet of the Year Competition.

Nominee Applications are now closed.

Competition Timetable
The competition will feature the following important dates.
  • Nominee Applications Due

    Monday 12th July 2021
  • Nominees Confirmed and Announced

    Friday 30th July 2021
  • Assessment and Interview Day (Online)

    Sunday 22nd August 2021
  • Winners Announced

    Sunday 19th September 2021
How to access the Online Assessment Day
Accessing the Online Assesment Day is easy, just simply click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” button below and follow the prompts on your device.

Manual Zoom Meeting details:

Topic: NSWG Cadet of the Year Assesment Day
Time: Aug 22, 2021 09:30 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
You will not be able to join until 9:30 AM.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 5812 6125
The password will be emailed to each of the nominees.
Calling in by phone is not supported.

What you will need
In order to participate, you will need to get yourself ready with certain items. These are listed here. We also have some recommendations you should consider before joining on the day.

What you will need:

  • Microphone

    You will need a microphone so you can be heard when asking questions.

  • Speakers/Headphones

    You will need speakers attached to your device or headphones so you can hear the instructor and other participants.

  • Zoom Software

    You will need the Zoom Software on your computer or tablet. Using a mobile phone is not recommended.

What is recommended:

  • Web Cam / Camera

    Some instructors may require you to be seen in order to ask a question. It’s best to have a webcam or camera on your device so you can be seen by other participants and the instructor.

  • Keyboard

    You may need a keyboard to type in the chat when the instructor requests it or to talk to other participants when you are muted.

  • Quiet Space

    It’s best if you can go to a quiet space in your house where background noise can be minimised. Turn off TVs and other noisy devices.

Nominee Reasources
The following resources are available to nominees to assist in studies for the competition.

No resources are available right now. Please check back later.

Cadet of the Year Exam
The Cadet of the Year Online Exam will be available to all nominees on the Assessment Day. All nominees must complete this exam.

The exam is currently disabled. The button below will become active on the COY Assessment Day.